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Visit this ancient and new Armenia.
Time makes the history. This rocky land with a history dating from the times of Ancient
Babylon was classed among the superpowers of the world. Armenia was the first country
to adopt Christianity in 301 as a state religion. As the first Christian country Armenia is a
place of pilgrimage for all the Christians. People always remain loyal to their origin. And the
historical origin of Christianity is rooted in Armenia. Owing to the adoption of Christianity
as well as the creation of the alphabet in the 5th century by the great Armenian illuminator
Mesrop Mashtots the state and the nation, outliving the turmoil of numerous wars, managed
to survive and maintain the national identity and features.
The country having a rich present and past will present itself with its age-old customs and
habits and will warm your hearts with its sincere hospitality.
The journeys and trips to various historical places of Armenia will give you unforgettable
Come to see the cave dwellings, ancient churches, temples and the magnificent capital
Yerevan and you will get a great aesthetic pleasure.
In the mountainous land of Armenia you can see a diverse fauna and flora, a mixturte of
the national and the cntemporary.
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