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It is called after the latter's name. St. Hakob church was built in 1679 in the place of a
church ruined by an earthquake. The St. Sahak Partev Diocesan School headed by Archi-
mandrite Mesrop Smbatyan functioned since 1868.
It is called after the latter's name.St. Zoravor church is situated in the center of the city.
It was founded in the 7th century by apostle Anania. In 1679 it was completely ruined by
an earthquake and reconstructed in 1694.
It is called after the latter's name. There is a mural of the Holy Mother and the Infant by
the entrance.
It is called after the latter's name. Katoghike church was erected in 1693-95 after a
mighty earthquake. It was a tufa-built church of the basilica style without a dome. Once it
was one of the largest churches of Yerevan. The walls of Katoghike Church lacked in ar-
chitectural sculptures. Only the kachkars carved on the walls of the church dating back to
1679, 1693, 1695 have preserved Nowadays it is a relatively small church (5,4x7,5) func-
tioning as a community church.
It is called after the latter's name.St. Sargis church was built in 1450. It is situated at
the top of Dzoragyugh, on the left riverside of the Hrazdan. The abandoned monastery has
functioned as long ago as the early Christian era.
It is called after the latter's name. St. Sargis church together with the abandoned mon-
astery fell to ruins in 1679 after a disastrous earthquake but was reconstructed in the same
place under Catholicos Nahapet Edesatsy (1691-1705). The present St. Sargis church was
rebuilt in 1835-1842.
It is called after the latter's name.St. Astvatsatsin church is situated at the top of Nork
district. The church was destroyed by a mighty earthquake in 1679. At the beginning of the
20th century the church was restored thanks to the donations of Ter-Avetikyan. After the
independence at the end of 20th and the beginning of the 21st the church was again restored
by the efforts of Arrnenak Armenakyan.
Yerevan is the centre of Armenian musical culture. A musical studio was founded in
1921 and the conservatory in 1923.
Among the major remarkable establishments of the capital are the Spendiarov Theatre
Dernirchyan Sports and Concert Complex, Sundukyan State Academic Theatre.
Nowadays over 20 musical secondary schools as well as the pedagogical colleges after
R. Melikyan and A. Babajanyan function in Yerevan. Foreign famous artists frequently ap-
pear on the stages of musical theatres and concert halls of the capital.
The cinemas presently functioning in Yerevan are the "Moscow", "Nairi", "Cinema
Star" as well as the film studios "Hayfilm", "Yerevan" and "Hayk".
In 1965 the 50th anniversary of the Great Genocide of 1915 was solemnly celebrated
and in 1968 a memorial to the victims of the genocide was erected on the hill of Tsitse-
makaberd. This memorial perpetuating the memory of 1,5 million of our innocent compat-
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