Java Reference
In-Depth Information
An overview of design patterns
A short history about design patterns and why they are important
The use of design patterns in the real world
The history and evolution of Java Enterprise Edition
The emergence of enterprise patterns
How these design patterns have evolved in the enterprise
Why and how patterns become anti‐patterns
This topic is aimed at bridging the gap between the traditional implementation of design pat-
terns in the Java SE environment and their implementation in Java EE.
If you are new to design patterns, this topic will help you get up to speed quickly as each chap-
ter introduces the design pattern in a simple‐to‐understand way with plenty of working code
If you are already familiar with design patterns and their implementation but are not familiar
with their implementation in the Java EE environment, this topic is perfect for you. Each chap-
ter bridges the gap between the traditional implementation and the new, often easier, imple-
mentation in Java EE.
If you are an expert in Java, this topic will act as a solid reference to Java EE and Java SE
implementations of the most common design patterns.
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