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In-Depth Information CAP Profile Considerations for the RTBP Project
It was recommended that RTBP adopt the CAP v1.1 code values and defi-
nitions for <alert.scope> within the CAP envelope. However, it was noted
by the research team that, since the RTBP was a testbed project, it should
adopt a rule whereby all messages issued within the scope of the project be
designated as “Restricted” or “Private.” This would ensure that CAP mes-
sages that might be distributed beyond the confines of the system would not
inadvertently be sent to members of the public or those not authorized by
the RTBP.
In terms of message creation, it was recommended that the RTBP soft-
ware interface provide menu options only for “Restricted” or “Private”
messages, but with future provision for “Public” messages should this
become an option at some point in time. The use of restricted or pri-
vate messages introduces a number of administrative duties to ensure
appropriate and effective distribution of alert messages. For example,
when using the “Restricted” value, system designers must assign text to
describe the rule for limiting distribution of those messages, ensuring
that it conforms to CAP v1.1 sub-element <alert.restricted>. When assign-
ing messages the “Private” value, there is also a need to establish a regis-
try of addresses for specific recipients that are designated to receive such
messages. This registry must be capable of expressing the designated
recipients in a format that conforms to requirements defined in CAP v1.1
sub-element <alert.addressess>.
14.5.7 Message attribute { priority }
Each RTBP message must indicate the priority level of the alert. PHIN PCA
Guide v1.0 does not specify an equivalent message attribute { priority }, but
includes three related message attributes: severity , urgency , and certainty . Of
these, severity is the only required attribute. Code values for these attributes
are to follow CAP v1.1 enumeration values for corresponding CAP sub-ele-
ments. CAP v1.1 establishes message priority with the info element using three
required sub-elements: <info.urgency>, <info.severity>, <info.certainty>. All
three elements must be included to produce a valid CAP-XML document.
CAP v1.1 specifies the following code values for the sub-element <info.
“Immediate”—responsive action should be taken immediately
“Expected”—responsive action should be taken soon (within next
“Future”—responsive action should be taken in the near future
“Past”—responsive action is no longer required
“Unknown”—urgency not known
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