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photo in the dark. Not so in Handheld Night Scene mode. You'll be amazed at
the results- trust me! (The shot below was taken in near complete darkness using
Handheld Night Scene mode at Pirates of the Caribbean.) Other Canon cameras
offer this feature as well, and Nikon offers a similar option on some of its models.
Check the owner's manual to see if your camera has it, and keep this feature in
mind if you're purchasing a new camera for your trip. You'll love it!
Low-light shots like this are made possible by Handheld Night Scene mode
233. Ifthekids(oryou!)areintocharacter meet andgreetsatthevariousparks,
acterpalooza you ask? It's a meet and greet featuring a variety of Disney
characters such as Stitch, Snow White, Captain Hook, and Pinocchio. It's
also a great chance to see some of the 'rare' characters you won't fre-
quently encounter as you travel the parks. Characterpalooza takes place
near Echo Lake and on the Streets of America most days throughout the
year. It is not shown on the times guide for the park, but takes place every
day the 'Fantasmic' show is scheduled. If there are two Fantasmic shows
when you're there, Characterpalooza will take place at 6:00 p.m. on the
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