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228. When you move into the 'stretchy room' at the beginning of the Haunted
Mansion, move toward the back left (around 10:00 if there was a giant
clock on the floor of the room) as you enter. You'll be one of the first ones
save you a couple minutes of wait time.
Move toward the back left in the 'stretchy room'
229. Similarly, when you're moving into the recording studio during the intro-
duction at Aerosmith's Rock n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios move
all the way to the left near the door. This will put you in front of the other
50 or so people who are herded into the room.
230. When you scan your finger at the entrance to a park on the first day of
your trip, remember which finger you used! (The right index finger is a
good 'default'.) This way you won't get stopped scanning finger after fin-
ger after finger on your way into the next park. Nothing is more frustrat-
that. It happened to us last summer. We tried to be patient as a confused
lady tried finger after finger after finger…
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