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way back into the mountain after taking the big plunge- beware! (Espe-
cially if you're sitting on the right side.) There's a waterfall near the end
that can drench you almost as much as the rest of the ride- even more so if
you get stuck near it due to excessive boat traffic.
226. When you board Disney's monorail, try to get a seat in the car in the exact
middle of the train. When you exit the train at your destination you'll be
one of the first ones down the ramp. You'll be leading the pack instead
of being caught in the mass of people, strollers, and stragglers left in your
wake.Thisalsomeans yougetthroughthebagcheck line quicker andinto
the park ahead of the rest.
A spot in the middle will have you leading the pack
227. If you're at Magic Kingdom in the heat of the day and need a place to cool
off, check out the Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station in the Storybook Cir-
cus section of Fanstasyland. There, you'll find a variety of sprayers, mis-
ters, and fountains to whet your appetite for a cool down. Although the
area is designed for the little ones, adults will certainly appreciate it too!
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