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8:00-9:00 p.m., take a little detour down the brick paver path to the right
and visit the Polynesian Resort right next door. Head down to the beach
near the main pool. It's a great place to view the Electrical Water Pageant
that takes place nightly. The display travels around Seven Seas Lagoon
and Bay Lake and consists of two strings of seven barges, each carrying
beautifully lit floating displays and accompanied by a spirited musical sa-
lute. The beach at the Polynesian Resort is also a unique place to view the
Wishes fireworks display- although you'll be quite a distance away.
212. While you're sure to remember to make your way to Main Street U.S.A.
for the Wishes nighttime spectacular fireworks display, don't forget the
show before the show- Celebrate the Magic, Magic Kingdom Park's
Nighttime Castle Projection Show. You'll see the castle in ways you've
never imagined, and you'll see it differently at various times of year. Dis-
ney runs uniquely themed shows at Christmastime, Halloween, and at oth-
er time throughout the year, so even if you've seen it before it's worth
checking out again.
You'll see the castle in ways you've never imagined!
213. When leaving the comforts of your air-conditioned room to venture into
the hot Florida sun, be sure to allow your camera time to get acclimated to
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