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Your gracious host is never too busy for a photo op
208. To get a better rate on lodging during your off property stay, call the hotel
directly.Youcanoftengetaspecial manager's discount orsomethingsim-
ilar that is not published elsewhere. Also, if you frequent the same resort
or hotel chain, ask if they have any special discounts for returning guests.
We did that during our last stay at our favorite condo resort and scored 18
free breakfasts at the resort's café to use throughout our 9-night stay. At
an average cost of $8-$10 for a decent breakfast, that saved us an extra
$150-$200 or so. Don't be afraid to ask!
209. Download the free My Disney Experience app for your smartphone before
your trip. You can use it to guess potential wait times at the parks to help
plan your trip. You can also use the app on the way to your selected park
each day, and while you're in the park too. You can even use it to make
er great information about the parks that you can use while you're there.
It's a great way to know which character meet and greets are available
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