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185. The zoom function on cell phone cameras is a digital zoom- not an optical
zoom. Be careful how much you use it to get closer to your subjects. (See
tip #183 on optical/digital zoom for more details.)
186. Alongthisline,ifyou'reusingyourcellphoneasyourprimaryvideocam-
era, the quality is not likely to be as good as if you're using a dedicated
video camera or SLR. You will lose the same flexibility and performance
as you will in your photos, and cell phones are much more difficult to
keep steady asyoushootthe video. You'relikely toendupwith video that
makes everyone motion sick from the bobbing and weaving that your arm
is doing as you pan the camera during the shots. Dedicated video cameras
usually have a good strap and fit into the palm of your hand which makes
shootingeasier-andsaferbecause you'refarlesslikely todropthecamera
during the shot.
187. When taking pictures at parades & shows, be sure to use the fast action
setting (usually labeled sports or kids). This will reduce the blur in your
The afternoon parade at Magic Kingdom is fun for everyone!
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