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keting.) Avoid it! All digital zoom does is 'crop' your picture to make it
appear closer. The lens isn't moving so the camera is not really zooming.
an image digitally zoomed to the max.
Sometimes a unique perspective and a long zoom yields a great shot!
184. I wouldn't recommend using a cell phone as your primary camera on a
Disney trip. If you absolutely must use a cell phone as your main camera,
be sure you have one that takes decent pictures. About a 5MP camera is
the absolute minimum you should accept in your cell phone camera if it
is to be your primary camera throughout the trip. Keep in mind that even
higher resolution (8-10 megapixels) cell phone cameras are not as flexible
and will not perform as well in challenging situations such as low-light or
with fast-moving subjects. Also, most phone cameras suffer from 'shutter
lag'- a delay when you press the button which can cause you to miss the
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