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Stick to still photos for bumpy rides like Kilimanjaro Safaris
180. When shooting video, zoom in and out slowly (and not too often). Be slow
and steady when panning as well. You'll be much happier with the results.
181. Tocreateavideotourofeachpark,besuretoshootfootageoftheentrance
to 'set the scene'. To give a better tour of the park, shoot each scene for
only 5-10 seconds or so. To get better footage of your family walking
down Magic Kingdom's Main Street U.S.A. (or in any of the parks), run
up ahead, STOP, and shoot footage of them approaching you- panning as
they walk by. As with shooting on bumpy rides, the 'shooting video while
walking' approach usually doesn't work out very well.
182. If you're purchasing a new camera for the trip, make sure you read the
manual (I know- most people don't) BEFORE your trip. You won't want
tomissanyofthosemagic moments because you'refumblingaroundwith
your new toy trying to figure out how to use it.
183. No matter what camera you're using, be sure to turn off the 'digital zoom'
function and only use 'optical zoom'. (The digital zoom number is much
higher, and it's sometimes the one the camera companies use in their mar-
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