Travel Reference
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what you can do before your trip to ensure you're well-equipped for your photo/video
shooting, and some tips for getting better shots while you're there.
177. Ifyourcamera usesAAorAAAbatteries, invest in rechargeable batteries .
The up-front cost is a bit more, but you'll save in the long run. Make sure
you buy a charger that can charge two sets of batteries at once. (Most
cameras take a maximum of four batteries, so your charger should charge
eight.) If your camera uses a rechargeable Lithium battery , consider pur-
your charger to the parks with you. If the battery runs low, you can plug it
in to charge at a restaurant during lunch or dinner.
178. When shooting at night, don't bother with the flash for distant objects. In-
stead, find a place to steady your camera like on top of a garbage can,
fence,otherstructure,ormaybeyourkid'shead-but only iftheycanstand
very still ! (I'm guessing you're not planning to lug your tripod or mono-
pod around the parks.)
179. Don'tbothertryingto shootvideo onbumpyrideslikeKilimanjaroSafaris
at Animal Kingdom, and don't try shooting from a moving car (especially
watch it back, you'll probably get queasy from all the bumping. If you in-
sist on doing this and invite family & friends over to watch your vacation
videos, you may want to distribute those little air sickness bags you've lif-
ted from the plane on the way home.
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