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Shade is at a premium in Disney's water parks
164. If you're bringing your lunch, there are covered pavilion areas with picnic
tables in both parks where you can relax and enjoy your meal.
165. This should go without saying, but don't leave your valuables unattended
while you ride the slides or take a dip in the wave pool. If you must take
anything of value with you into the park, you'll definitely want to rent a
166. Be sure to bring good, comfortable water shoes (either flip-flops or san-
dals) to the parks. The cement can get very hot, and you'll be doing a lot
of walking. On the slides, you'll need to hold onto your shoes on the way
down, but this is still much better than having parched, aching feet!
167. The chair lift at Blizzard Beach is a fun attraction in itself, and can save
you quite a bit of walking up the stairs to the top of the hills. However, if
the wait for the chair lift is long, you may want to walk instead.
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