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Check out the American Idol show
154. If you're not a singer, check out American Idol anyway. The stage is setup
just like the real show (with a 'fake' Ryan Seacrest and everything!) The
judges provide feedback just like the real show- only they're usually nicer
than the 'real' judges. Plus, you'll get to vote for your favorite to help de-
you'll get to help choose the guest that gets the 'Golden Ticket' to the real
Idol auditions.
155. If a member of your party is not into extreme roller coasters and fear,
have them pick up FastPass+ reservations to Toy Story Midway Mania!
for your entire party while you head over to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and
Tower of Terror to wait in the stand-by line. (Go to Rock 'n' Roller Coast-
er first- it has longer lines earlier in the day.) Toy Story has the longest
wait times of any ride in all of Walt Disney World and most of the time
FastPass+ is your only way to avoid extreme wait times.
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