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Look out for the Yeti on Expedition Everest
134. Although the hilly terrain and winding paths can be a challenge to navig-
ate, this park has more shade than the others, and less walking overall.
135. You'll need to get to the Finding Nemo musical early if you hope to get a
seat. It fills up very quickly!
136. Brightly colored shirts and hats will be useful if you're letting your little
ones play at “The Boneyard”. This sprawling playground which simulates
a dinosaur dig is an especially easy spot to lose track of your little ones.
137. Ifyou'resusceptibletomotionsicknesson'spinny'rides,skipthePrimev-
al Whirl coaster. (I think of it as the Primeval 'Hurl'!) At first glance it
seems like a typical 'wild mouse' type of coaster; however, the cars spin
quite a bit throughout the ride which will leave the motion-sensitive types
feeling a bit queasy.
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