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129. Another way to get better pictures with a point and shoot camera is to set
it for a higher 'ISO speed'. (This is pretty much was 'sports' mode does.)
tos. Remember though the higher the ISO speed, the more digital noise
you'll get in your photos.
130. Although you'll be tempted to zoom in as much as possible as you travel
through Kilimanjaro, remember the more you zoom, the slower your shut-
ter speed will be. You're much better off with a crisp picture at a little
you are with a close-up shot ruined by 'camera shake'.
131. For great wildlife shots, explore the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and
Maharajah Jungle Trek. Since these are walking tours, you won't have the
ing through mesh, netting, or Plexiglas.
132. WhenshootingthroughPlexiglas,putyourcamerarightuptothewindow-
touching it if you can. And turn the flash off! Your shots won't be ruined
by the glare from the Plexiglas or from the camera's flash.
133. Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, and Kilimanjaro Safaris are the at-
tractions with consistently the longest lines at Animal Kingdom. Use your
FastPass+ reservations there.
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