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World Showcase pavilions from across the lagoon
115. The coolest attraction of all the World Showcase pavilions is the “The
American Adventure” show at the U.S.A. pavilion located near the dock
as you exit the ferry. This inspirational show features cool animatronics
and great special effects that will keep you entertained throughout the
30-minute show.
116. Youcanfindsomegreat,authenticsouvenirsattheWorldShowcasePavil-
ions. Check out each country's pavilion for some very unique gifts!
117. Some of the best food in Walt Disney World is at the World Showcase
Pavilions. You'll findgreat authentic restaurants at most ofthem. While in
'France' be sure to sample a glass of Champagne too!
118. Be sure to check out the FREE soda tasting available at Club Cool in
Future World. You'll get to sample Coca-Cola products from around the
world including sodas from places like Greece, Peru, Italy, South Africa,
and Thailand, as well as several others.
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