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mand and you don't want to miss out. If there are no passes available,
you'll wait at least 45 minutes- up to two hours during peak times, to ride.
(Although with Soarin' it's DEFINITELY worth the wait!)
Soar through the skies in Soarin'
110. If you're afraid of heights or susceptible to motion sickness, don't be
scared off by the warnings at Soarin'. It's not bad once you 'take off', and
the sensation of flying is simply incredible!
111. The Epcot tip board is located in the central hub of Innovations. Check it
out to see wait times for the popular attractions.
112. Althoughit'squiteawalk,besuretovisitthepavilionsattheWorldShow-
case. While you're there check out the pavilions that have rides or other
attractions too.
113. CheckouttheMexicopavilionforsomegreatshopping,andfor“TheGran
Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros” boat ride. It's a calm, relaxing
and entertaining trip through the pyramid-shaped Mexico Pavilion. Plus,
being air-conditioned, it's a great way to cool off too!
114. When you visit the World Showcase, consider taking the ferry across and
stopping to see the attractions on the way back. If you do this, you'll only
see about ½ of the countries, but it will save you a ton of walking!
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