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reservations available to you per day, you'll have to decide which attrac-
tions are the favorites for your family.
101. After the conclusion of the Wishes fireworks, you could join the mass of
people rushing toward the exit, or you could take the 'secret back way
out' exit near Main Street. As you walk away from the castle toward the
exit, turn left before you reach the ice cream store. As you approach the
bathrooms, there's an open gate that leads to a back parking lot. Often
there's a cast member there with a flashlight urging you to head that way.
Another option is to 'wait it out' at Starbucks (Main Street Bakery), or at
one of the many shops along Main Street such as the Emporium.
102. When you reach the exit of Magic Kingdom after the fireworks, there may
be a HUGE line for the Express Monorail. If so, take the Resort Monorail
instead. The ticketing center is the 2nd stop and you'll save time.
The Resort Monorail can save time at the end of the day
103. Don't use this strategy in the morning. It's the 3rd stop on the way in and
you'll end up taking longer- even if there IS a backup at the ticketing cen-
ter. (Trust me on this- we tried it.)
104. ForagreatscoreonBuzzLightyear,whenyougetneartheendoftheride,
100,000 points each. It's a great way to maximize your score (the max is
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