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Plunge into fun at Splash Mountain!
98. Fromthere, take thetrain aroundagain totheFantasyland station atStory-
book Circus. You can take the sidewalk that runs along the tracks (behind
The Barnstormer) as a shortcut to Tomorrowland and explore the galaxy
on Space Mountain before the line gets too long.
99. CheckoutthemostpopularattractionslikeSplashMountain,BigThunder
Mountain, Space Mountain, andBuzz Lightyear aswell asnewattractions
like Enchanted Tales with Belle, Under the Sea: Journey ofthe Little Mer-
maid and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train early or late in the day to minim-
ize your wait times. Sometimes these attractions are slightly less crowded
during lunch too.
100. Plan your FastPass+ attractions at Magic Kingdom carefully. Of the 27 or
so FP+ rides and attractions available, the ones mentioned in the previous
tip will almost always have the longest lines and therefore will also be the
hardest ones to schedule for FastPass+. With only three or four FastPass+
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