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end of the day, or leave early because the kids (or mom and dad!) are too
tired, only to remember that you never made it to one of your favorites.
Be sure to include Epcot's Soarin' in your list of must-see attractions!
76. Arrive at the park early! If you get there 30 minutes before it opens, you'll
put on your sunscreen, etc. This will give you time to get a park map and
plan your strategy- if you haven't already. Plus, sometimes the parks will
open a bit early giving you the chance to REALLY beat the crowds!
77. Purchase rain ponchos to take with you on your trip. They'll help during
thefrequentrainshowersduringthesummer months.Theonesinthepark
78. You save even more money by making your own rain ponchos from large
garbage bags. Just cut or tear holes for your head & arms. (Of course you
won't get the hood that's built in to the ponchos, so your head will still get
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