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Leave the silky athletic shorts (you know the ones- where the stuff always
falls out of the pockets) at home!
56. If you're staying off Disney property and driving to the parks, don't rely
the shortest route which may put you smack dab in the middle of the fre-
quent traffic jams near Downtown Disney or other nearby crowded tourist
areas. If you can, check at the front desk or with the concierge for the best
way to get to the parks. It may mean traveling more miles on the freeways
or less frequently used surface streets, but you'll still get there quicker.
57. Take snacks and as much water as you can carry into the park with you.
You'll save lots of money this way.
58. Freeze your water bottles the night before. This way as the water melts
(which it will do pretty quickly) throughout the day, you'll still have ice
cold drinking water to cool you off.
59. Save money by bringing sandwiches into the park for lunch. (Of course
this assumes you have a way to get to a store for lunch meat, etc.) You'll
still get to enjoy Disney park foodfordinner,and you'll save some money
60. Frozenwaterbottlesareagreatwaytokeeptherestofyourfoodcold.Just
besuretoputthefood(orthebottles) inawatertightbag.Thebottles will
sweat as they melt and you don't want them ruining your lunch.
61. Wear brightly colored hats or shirts, preferably the same color, to the
parks. It's a great way to spot your kids in a crowd, and will also help you
easily find other members of your family should you get separated.
62. Consider making your own commemorative 'official' family T-shirts for
your trip. We've seen some very creative ideas made with fabric paints,
markers, and iron-on transfers.
63. Use walkie-talkies or cell phones so you can split into groups and meet up
64. With the new FastPass+ system now completely replacing the traditional
paper FASTPASSes, you need to plan ahead more than ever. Visitors stay-
ing at a Disney resort can make FastPass+ reservations for select attrac-
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