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Here are some great ideas to help make your Disney vacation even more magical! They're
to any family vacation- they'll save you time and money no matter where you go!
54. If you're renting a car, DO NOT under any means let the rental car agency
convince you to buy a Sun Pass- it's a big rip off! The Sun Pass allows you
to drive through a special lane at each toll booth without stopping to pay.
The downside is that you'd have to drive back and forth across the state
several times to get your money's worth. If you drive from Orlando airport
of your trip, and back at the end, you'll pay about $4 in tolls- total. You can
do that, or you can pay about $7/day for the Sun Pass. None of the roads in
the immediate Disney area are toll roads, so unless you're going on a grand
tour up and down the state, you should pass on the Sun Pass!
Pass on the Sun Pass
55. A crucial wardrobe item (especially if you're a dad) is a good pair of cargo
shorts! You'll need the extra pocket space as you travel around the parks.
The best kind are the ones with Velcro pockets. (These are much easier to
fasten and unfasten than the ones with buttons.) At a minimum you can fit
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