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27. Pack as much as you possibly can in your carry-on. This will save on lug-
gage fees.
28. Pack the essentials (bathing suits, etc.) in your carry-on. This way if your
luggage is lost you'll have the most important things with you.
29. Do NOT pack any money, jewelry, or other valuables (especially electron-
ics) in your checked baggage. (This should go without saying, but I'm say-
ing it anyway- just in caseā€¦)
30. Check your airline's website, or the website for the departure airport to see
how early to arrive for your flight. Sometimes recommended arrival time is
as much as two hours before your scheduled departure. Kids tend to move
slower, and you don't want to start your Disney vacation stressing out over
whether you'll get through security and to your gate on time.
31. Ask to pre-board if you have little ones.
32. Ifyou'rebringingacollapsiblecoolertouseintheparksassuggestedintip
#14, and don't want to take up precious luggage space storing it, use it as
one of your carry-on bags for snacks, etc. Just remember- you cannot bring
drinks, ice, or freezer packs (the plastic ones that you freeze beforehand)
through security.
33. Get small rolling luggage for the kids so they can tote their own bags.
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