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culture, some microvessels had adhered (Figure 4, A). About 12 hours later, the most
microvessels had attached. Twenty hours after the vessels planted, cells had climbed
out and proliferated, gradually formed cell aggregates (Figure 4, B).
(A) (B)
Fig. 4. The growth of primary BMECs within 24 hours cultivated. (A) The digested microves-
sels had adhered after cultivated five hours; ( 200
) ; (B) The microvessels in flask after incu-
bated 20 hours, cells had climbed out, and then gradually formed cell aggregate. ( 200
3.2 BMEC after 1 Week of Culture
Cultivated in the medium containing Nu-serum and ECGF longer than 24 hours, the
cells climbed out from the microvessels increased obviously. The cells are fusiform or
polygonal, and presented monolayer spiral arrangement, formed a cell aggregate.
These cell aggregates proliferated gradually, would reach confluence at the 7 th day,
and presented "road-metal" arrangement (Figure 5).
Fig. 5. The BMEC after 7 days' culture, the cell aggregate proliferate gradually, the cells
reached confluence after 7 days, and presented “road-metal” arrangement. ( 40 × )
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