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Fig. 4.b. Assembly line for processing boxes
the box and the second worker flattens the box further and places it on the moving belt
again. Then, the moving belt carries the box through an opening and the flattened box
reappears at the other side of the opening. After that, further processing of the box may
occur, but this is not relevant to our example.
A K-line of events that captures a possible process of the robot moving the box
through the opening is shown in Figure 5.
K-line KL1
Event in Node
Node ID
(robot) Move toward box
(Robot) pick up box
Move box toward opening
Move box through opening
Box passed through opening
Box appears at other side of
Fig. 5. Robot K-line
A possible K-line of events that captures the process of the assembly line is shown
in Figure 6.
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