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Chiang Kai-shek, one of Sun's main generals, was sent to Moscow
for political indoctrination and training. While in Moscow, Chiang
Kai-shek developed an enmity toward the Soviets and communism that
endured for the rest of his life. He repeatedly wrote to Sun warning him
about the real Soviet intentions for him and for China, but Sun brushed
off these warnings as the loyal but overheated anxieties of a hot-blooded
young Chinese patriot. Chiang Kai-shek bit his lip and did not dare
cross Sun, but after Sun died in 1925 he assumed the leadership of the
Nationalists and decided to break with the Chinese Communists.
That break came in 1927 with blood and terror. This first period of
cooperation between the Nationalists and the Chinese Communists
became known as the First United Front.
After he established working political and military ties with the
Soviets, Sun Yat-senwas eager to launch his Northern Expedition, a mili-
tary campaign against the warlords, and destroy their power. (He had
Nationalist Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek. (Library of Congress)
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