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are very small and not statistically significant. As a result,
generally more significant positive trends are found in south-
ern Europe than in the other two regions. This is especially
true for summer. With respect to seasonal differences, spring
shows the negligible regional differences.
For precipitation indices of all the regions and seasons,
there is an overall increasing trend for all heavy rainfall
events indicated by the green colour, although there are a few
exceptions. The exceptions are concentrated in SEU; how-
ever, none of these negative trends are statistically signifi-
cant. Interestingly, the only index for dry condition (CDD)
shows more drying events than wetting ones, indicating a
likely shift of rainfall towards heavy ones. Most significant
positive trends appear in cold seasons for NEU and CEU. In
summer only CEU experiences significant changes. In gen-
eral, SEU experiences only a few significant changes.
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