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Accelerated HTML5 development support
NetBeans has the capability to update deployed web pages in real time as we edit
the markup for the page. This feature works both for HTML files and for JSF facelets
pages (discussed in the next chapter).
In order for this feature to work, we need to use either the embedded WebKit
browser included with NetBeans, or Google's Chrome browser with the NetBeans
Connector plugin. To select the browser to run our web application, we need to click
on the browser icon on the NetBeans toolbar, then select one of the options under
With NetBeans Connector , as shown in the following screenshot:
The accelerated HTML5 development support feature works "out of the box"
with the embedded WebKit browser. To test it, select the embedded WebKit browser,
then run the application we deployed earlier in this chapter in the Deploying our
first application section. It will run inside NetBeans when using the embedded
WebKit browser.
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