Java Reference
In-Depth Information
As soon as our application is deployed, a new browser window or tab automatically
starts, displaying the default page for our sample application.
If our browser is displaying a page similar to the preceding one shown, then we can
be certain that NetBeans and GlassFish are working properly and we are ready to
start developing our own Java EE applications.
NetBeans tips for effective development
NetBeans offers a wide array of features that make Java and Java EE development
easier and faster. In the following few sections, we cover some of the most
useful features.
Code completion
The NetBeans code editor includes a very good code completion feature,
for example, if we wish to create a private variable, we don't need to type the
whole private word, we can simply write the first three letters ( pri ), then hit
Ctrl + Space and NetBeans will complete the word private for us.
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