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Then, we need to do the same for the centimetersToInches operation (not shown
here). After doing so, our design window will show the newly added operations.
In addition to adding operations to our web service, we can control the quality of
service settings by simply selecting or deselecting checkboxes in the design window.
Web services transmit data as XML text messages between the web service and its
client. Sometimes, it is necessary to transmit binary data such as images. Binary data
is normally inlined in the SOAP message by using MTOM (Message Transmission
Optimization Mechanism); binary data is sent as an attachment to the message. This
makes the transmission of binary data more efficient. When using NetBeans, we can
indicate that we wish to use MTOM by simply checking the Optimize Transfer Of
Binary Data (MTOM) checkbox in the design window.
Checking the Reliable Message Delivery checkbox allows us to indicate that we
want to make sure that messages are delivered at least once and not more than once.
Enabling reliable message delivery allows our applications to recover from situations
where our messages might have been lost in transit.
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