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For Linux, NetBeans is downloaded in the form of a shell script. The name of the file
will be similar to (exact name will depend on the
version of NetBeans and the selected NetBeans bundle).
Before NetBeans can be installed on Linux, the downloaded file needs to be
made executable, which can be done using a command line—by navigating to
the directory where the NetBeans installer was downloaded and executing the
following command:
chmod +x
Substitute in the preceding command with the appropriate filename
for the platform and NetBeans bundle. Once the file is executable it can be installed
from the command line as follows:
Other platforms
For other platforms, NetBeans can be downloaded as a platform independent ZIP
file. The name of the ZIP file will be something like netbeans-8.0-201403101706- (exact filename may vary, depending on the exact version of NetBeans
downloaded and the NetBeans bundle that was selected).
To install NetBeans on one of these platforms, simply extract the ZIP file to any
suitable directory.
Installation procedure
Even though the way to execute the installer varies slightly between platforms, the
installer behaves in a similar way between most of them.
One exception is the platform independent ZIP file, in which there is
essentially no installer. Installing this version of NetBeans consists of
extracting the ZIP file to any suitable directory.
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