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Getting Started with
In this chapter, we will learn how to get started with NetBeans. The following topics
are covered in this chapter:
• Introduction
• Obtaining NetBeans
• Installing NetBeans
• Starting NetBeans for the first time
• Configuring NetBeans for Java EE development
• Deploying our first application
• NetBeans tips for effective development
NetBeans is an Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) and platform.
Although initially, the NetBeans IDE could only be used to develop Java
applications, as of version 6, NetBeans supports several programming languages,
either through built-in support, or by installing additional plugins. Programming
languages natively supported by NetBeans include Java, C, C++, PHP, HTML, and
JavaScript. Groovy, Scala, and others are supported via additional plugins.
In addition to being an IDE, NetBeans is also a platform. Developers can use
NetBeans' APIs to create both NetBeans plugins and standalone applications.
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