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Implementing the Business
Tier with Session Beans
Most enterprise applications have a number of common requirements such as
transactions, security, scalability, and so on. Enterprise JavaBeans ( EJBs ) allow
application developers to focus on implementing business logic without worrying
about implementing these requirements. There are two types of EJBs: session
beans and message-driven beans. In this chapter, we will discuss session beans,
which greatly simplify the server-side business logic implementation. In Chapter 7 ,
Messaging with JMS and Message-driven Beans , we will discuss message-driven beans,
which allow us to easily implement the messaging functionality in our applications.
Previous versions of J2EE included Entity Beans as well;
however, as of Java EE 5, Entity Beans have been deprecated
in favor of the JPA.
The following topics will be covered in this chapter:
• Introduction to session beans
• Creating a session bean with NetBeans
• EJB transaction management
• Implementing aspect-oriented programming with Interceptors
• EJB Timer service
• Generating session beans from JPA entities
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