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We are also given the opportunity to specify a folder for the JSF pages to be created.
If we leave this field blank, pages will be created in our project's Web Pages folder.
The values of the Session Bean Package and JSF Classes
Package text fields default to the package where our JPA
entities reside. It is a good idea to modify this default, since
placing the JSF managed beans in a different package separates
the data access layer classes from the user interface and
controller layers of our application.
The wizard also allows us to use two kinds of templates: Standard JavaServer Faces
or PrimeFaces . Selecting Standard JavaServer Faces will result in a fairly basic,
standard web application that we can use as the base for our application. Selecting
PrimeFaces will result in a very elegant web application. For our example, we will
select PrimeFaces , but the procedure is nearly identical when selecting Standard
JavaServer Faces . We can select the template from the Choose Templates dropdown.
Make sure to add the PrimeFaces 4.0 library to the project when
choosing to generate the PrimeFaces templates. Refer to Chapter 3 ,
JSF Component Libraries , for details.
After clicking on Finish , a complete web application that can perform CRUD
operations will be created.
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