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Creating our first JPA entity
JPA entities are Java classes whose fields are persisted to a database by the JPA API.
These Java classes are Plain Old Java Objects ( POJOs ), and as such, they don't need
to extend any specific parent class or implement any specific interface. A Java class is
designated as a JPA entity by decorating it with the @Entity annotation.
In order to create and test our first JPA entity, we will create a new web application
using the JavaServer Faces framework. In this example, we will name our application
jpaweb , and (as with all of our examples) we will use the bundled GlassFish
application server.
Refer to Chapter 2 , Developing Web Applications Using JavaServer Faces
2.2 , for instructions on creating a new JSF project.
To create a new JPA entity, select the Persistence category from the new file dialog
and select Entity Class as the file type.
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