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RichFaces provides both a <rich:messages> and a <rich:message> component,
which are analogous to standard JSF <h:messages> and <h:message> . The
RichFaces-specific versions render messages nicely formatted. The following
screenshot illustrates how the RichFaces <rich:message> component renders
validation messages:
Once again, we only scratched the surface of what RichFaces offers. For more
information on RichFaces, refer to the RichFaces documentation at http://www. .
In this chapter, we covered NetBeans support for three of the most popular JSF
component libraries: PrimeFaces, ICEfaces, and RichFaces.
We covered how to develop an application using the bundled PrimeFaces library
included with NetBeans. We also discussed how to configure NetBeans to be able
to develop JSF applications using the ICEfaces and RichFaces component libraries.
Finally, we discussed how NetBeans generates a skeleton application that we can
use as a starting point for our PrimeFaces, ICEfaces, or RichFaces applications.
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