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<ace:pushButton id="register" value="Register"
action="confirmation" />
In our example, we use the previously explained <ace:panel> component
to encapsulate our form's input fields. Similar to PrimeFaces, ICEfaces has an
<ace:messages> component that renders messages nicely styled; therefore, we
added this component to our page to avoid styling the JSF messages.
ICEfaces does not have replacements for <h:outputText> or <h:inputText> , so we
simply used these standard components in our ICEfaces application:
• The <ace:selectMenu> component is a replacement for the standard
<h:selectOneMenu> component. It renders as a dropdown and works pretty
much the same way as the standard <h:selectOneMenu> .
• The <ace:sliderEntry> component allows us to enter numeric values by
moving a slider with the mouse.
• The <ace:pushButton> component is equivalent to the standard JSF
<h:commandButton> component. When the user clicks on the button,
the method specified in its action attribute is automatically executed.
In this section, we only scratched the surface of what is available with ICEfaces.
For more information, you can visit the ICEfaces documentation wiki page at .
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