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<title>ICEfaces Welcome Page</title>
<!-- This line is only for ICE component, remove it if no ice
component is used in this page.-->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./xmlhttp/css/
<ace:panel header="Welcome to ICEfaces">
<h:panelGrid columns="1">
<!-- NOTICE -To run this page you must have
also ICEfaces ACE components library on your classpath (project
dependencies). -->
<ace:linkButton id="linkButton1"
value="ICEfaces Overview" href="http://wiki.">
<ace:linkButton id="linkButton2"
value="General Documentation" href="http://">
<ace:linkButton id="linkButton3"
value="ICEfaces Demos" href="http://www.icesoft.
<ace:linkButton id="linkButton4" value="Tutorials"
<ace:linkButton id="linkButton5"
value="ACE components" href="http://wiki."></ace:linkButton>
<ace:linkButton id="linkButton6"
value="ICE components" href="http://wiki.">
<!-- You can also use ICE components. Adds ICE
namespace in that case: xmlns:ice="
component" -->
<!-- <ice:outputLink id="aceLink" value="http://" target="_blank">ACE
components</ice:outputLink> -->
<!-- <ice:outputLink id="iceLink" value="http://" target="_blank">ICE
components</ice:outputLink> -->
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