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When the user clicks on the link, the first page on our flow is displayed.
When the user clicks on the Continue button, our flow-scoped named bean is
instantiated. In our example, we can verify this by looking at the GlassFish log,
where we should see a line like the following:
Info: com.ensode.flowscope.namedbeans.RegistrationBean initialized.
The line comes from the init() method in RegistrationBean , which we annotated
with the @PostConstruct annotation.
The markup for pages in our flow have <h:commandButton> tags to navigate
between them, for example, here is the markup for the Continue button on
the first page of the flow:
<h:commandButton id="continue" value="Continue"
action="registration-pg2" />
The second page on the flow has buttons to navigate forwards and/or backwards:
<h:commandButton id="back" value="Go Back"
action="registration" />
<h:commandButton id="continue" value="Continue"
action="registration-confirmation" />
This takes us to the corresponding page. The last page of the flow has a Continue
button that takes us out of the flow.
<h:commandButton value="Continue" action="registration-return"/>
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