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Data for our flow needs to be held in one or more flow-scoped named beans as
shown in the following code:
package com.ensode.flowscope.namedbeans;
import javax.annotation.PostConstruct;
import javax.annotation.PreDestroy;
import javax.faces.flow.FlowScoped;
import javax.inject.Named;
public class RegistrationBean {
private String salutation;
private String firstName;
private String lastName;
private Integer age;
private String email;
private String line1;
private String line2;
private String city;
private String state;
private String zip;
public void init() {
System.out.println(this.getClass().getCanonicalName() + "
public void destroy() {
System.out.println(this.getClass().getCanonicalName() + "
//getters and setters omitted for brevity
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