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the case of measuring it on open land. On the other hand, in controlled environments such
as raised beds and potted plants, the conductivity is much more likely to be uniform.
Table: Soil Types and Associated Electrical Resistivity
Source: PEMA
As shown in the chart above, since the variation in soil resistivity is very large, it becomes
difficult to make an assessment of soil resistivity based on soil type alone. It's also worth
noting that most topsoils have been treated in some ways via the addition of various
fertilizers or amendments. Here's a list of some common soil additives in relation to their
Table: Soil Amendments and Associated Electrical Resistivity
Source: Paper: Electrical properties of biological wastes used as effective soil conditioners
for electrical earthing
Next we move onto soil porosity. The moisture content of soil has the greatest influence
on conductivity because it is the primary medium that carries current via the chemical ions
present within pore-water.
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