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A good portion of these “induced” electric fields over the planet come from interactions
between the solar wind and the magnetosphere. From what we know so far, the Van Allen
They are also the result of interactions between the sun's radiation and the planet's
ionosphere. Variations in these bodies range from subtle changes over days or weeks to
rapidly changing geomagnetic “storms.” These storms are capable of inducing varying
amounts of electricity in the ground 11 . Thus, along with shifts in the electromagnetic
activity of our atmosphere and space weather, the Earth is also affected in some way.
An excellent resource on the subject of atmospheric and telluric electricity can be found in
a collection of articles called “The Earth's Electrical Environment” .
It's worth noting that there has been some interesting research regarding the presence of
the world. Sites ranging from Stonehenge in the UK to Monk's Mound in Cahokia, Illinois
have been found to exhibit large peaks in electric field strength at certain times of the day.
Check out some of the following resources to learn more:
Places of Power: Measuring the Secret Energy of Ancient Sites by Paul Devereux
Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty: Understanding the Lost Technology of the
Ancient Megalith-Builders by John Burke
Interrelated Energy Systems Working Together
As you can imagine, the interactions between geophysical and cosmic energies are quite
complex, and still not completely understood. What's interesting is that these interactions
may not be completely random. Surely they could be, but perhaps these systems are really
a part of a cosmo-planetary communication system that links together solar influences,
including that of the moon, to astrological influences, to planetary energies as well. The
system is obviously very complex, and thus beautiful to ponder… so much to understand
and discover!
Biological Effects from Natural Electric Phenomena
So what are the biological effects that come from the intersection between these
cosmo-planetary energies and biology? Let's look at a few case studies:
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