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Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis: High-Energy Atmospheric Lightshows
Source: Jerry Magnum Porsbjer
According to Professor Selim Lemström's experimental work in 1904 8 , electrical fields
from the Aurora Borealis are responsible for green and healthy vegetation in the Arctic.
Since the effect is related to a large amounts of electric charge being present in the
upper-atmosphere, this may be true. Here's an explanation of the mechanics behind the
lights by way of the Tromsø Geophysical Observatory at University of Tromsø in Norway:
“The northern lights originate in a complicated interplay between the so-called solar wind
and the earth's magnetic field. The solar wind is a constant stream of electric particles
from the sun. It varies in intensity and therefore links the northern lights with the solar
activity. The solar winds rushes along the earth's magnetic field, compresses it on the day
side, draws it out into a tail on the night side and generates electric currents and fields
in the areas around the earth. A number of solar wind particles are trapped in the earth's
magnetic field and, together with particles which originate in the earth's atmosphere, end
up in the tail on the magnetic field on the night side. As a result of mechanisms we still
do not really understand, they receive extra energy there, stream toward the polar regions
at great speed and give us the night-time aurora. These unpredictable showers of electric
particles controlled by the earth's magnetic field give the northern lights their forms and
following sampling of old telegraph reports from 1851 and 1852 9 :
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