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In biochemistry, is short for Adenosine Triphosphate, and serves as a source of
energy for various physiological reactions, as in active-transport.
The use of plants to extract heavy metals from contaminated soils and water. Also
called phytoremediation.
An industrial or commercial site that is idle or underused due to environmental
No, we're not talking about mean people here… In botany, a callus refers to a mass
of unorganized cells. These cells grow in response to different forms of stimuli, e.g.
wounding-response. Some good information can be found in this paper .
The negative electrode terminal.
Cellular depolarization
Under normal circumstances, the internal charge of a biological cell is negatively
charged with respect to its surrounding environment. In the process of
Channel proteins
These are structures found within the cell membrane that allow for the transport
(controlled or uncontrolled) of ions or other substances into or out of a cell. An
example is the Ion Channel. More information can be found via Wikipedia .
Chemical diffusion
Is the net movement of a substance (e.g. an atom, ion, or molecule) from a region of
high concentration to a region of low concentration.
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