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Elimination of Artificial Growth Hormones
noted here. These hormones can be synthesized externally, or can be bred into plants via
genetic manipulation (i.e. GMOs). While the effects of synthetic hormones and enzymes
are scientifically proven as being very effective, there is a growing movement worldwide
questioning the long-term health effects from the use of these technologies.
If instead these were naturally stimulated into existence from the plant's own biological
chemical-producing processes, their synthesis and use may be better regulated, reducing or
preventing possible health side-effects from the alternative. Natural is usually better.
Handling Climate Change
Ascovered earlier,the potential exists forusingelectroculture tohelp protect cropsagainst
climate problems ranging from unforseen early frost damage to increased occurrences of
drought. By offering a solution that can help growers who can't afford complex irrigation
systems, or those who struggle even to find water sources, electroculture can offer some
help in this area. For instance, one grower of tomatoes reported that during multiple trials,
the electrified group of plants consumed significantly less water than the un-electrified
Having additional buffer time available may mean the difference between life and death,
feast or famine.
Accelerated Cleansing of the Earth
Humanity has done a lot of damage to planet Earth, the environment, many wildlife
habitats, and many of our food and medicine sources as well.
While environmental cleaning technology, also known as remediation technology, has
become an entire engineering field of its own, cleanup often requires big money contracts
or large organizations capable of driving these technology efforts.
In contrast to using heavy machinery to remove large amounts of soil, cleaning it up
through various means, and then returning it to the excavation site, the use of natural
for little or no cost. Using electroculture, these methods can even be accelerated, cleaning
up more, faster.
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