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What about other metals such as gold or silver? How does the use of earth batteries
compare to using modern power supplies?
How do the electrodes you use fare over time? Do they remain mechanically strong, or
do they start looking different? Note that electrodes over time may either develop a thin
film-like covering due to electrokinetic adhesion (i.e. electroplating), or they may corrode
away, depending upon the polarity, electrode thickness and composition.
Distance Between Electrodes
consider how close you place your electrodes to each other. With larger voltages, say 12
volts, the system should work over larger distances compared to a lower-voltage system
over the same distance. Yet remember that the original experimenters of the 18th, 19th and
feet. Can 12 volts be used to scale the effective electrode distance up by a factor of 12, to
2400 feet or more?
Seewhatworksbest.Ifyouusea12Vpowersupplyandthedistance islarge,dotheplants
perform better compared to using a lower voltage with electrodes being a shorter distance
Electrode Tips When observing the effects upon the electrodes and the region around them as well,
use a voltmeter and ammeter to determine the direction of current flow. Once you know the polarity,
for future reference you may want to color one of the wires or electrodes red which usually denotes
the positive terminal. Once you know the polarity, you can use a pH meter to monitor the different
pH readings that occur at each electrode. To help you perform these tests, please head over to our
[Resources]((http://ElectricFertilizer/book-resources) page which features helpful resources such as
recommended tools and other products that can be purchased off-site. For additional help with testing,
bonus materials can be found at the Bonus Experimental Measurements page.
Remember, one electrode gives away ions or electrons and the other receives them. This has multiple
effects, notonlyuponthe electrodes themselves, butalso onthe soil. The changes tothe soil include pH
changes and electrolysis reactions, especially at the electrodes.
which will put aluminum ions into your soil and the plants that you're growing. It is advised to not use
materials that are considered to be toxic to the human body.
Electrical Polarity
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