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In addition to being beneficial for attracting desired insects and repelling undesired ones,
electroculture can be used to help cold-climate growers as well. For example, the
acceleration effect that comes from crops grown with electrical stimulation can be used
for not only reducing risk from weather-related crop losses, but also with increasing the
commodity cropROIwith better market timing. Inthis section we'll explore some ofthese
possible applications.
Cool Climate Farming
For growers in cooler climates, whether it's in the deep northern or southern hemispheres,
effect. An early harvest can not only be beneficial from a market standpoint, where the
grower may be able to supply the market while prices are high (before most growers are
able to deliver to market), but also from a risk-management standpoint.
Due to the changing and volatile environmental conditions going on worldwide, more and
more people in many parts of the world may have to deal with earlier frost dates, which
can kill off a crop overnight with the onset of a sudden freeze. Electroculture may provide
a way to mitigate this risk.
It could do so in the following ways:
• Rapid growth allows for earlier harvesting
• Expression of latent cold-hardy genetics hidden within the crops' DNA.
• Stimulating the crop into operating at a higher rate, much akin to the ways some
the plant to stay alive during deep freezes.
Frost Protection
Currently, in order to protect plants from frost, it must be done with a small to medium
scale using cold frames or cloches, or at a larger scale by using a heated greenhouse. A
third possibility exists that can help with extending the season of plants not only within the
cold frames, but also those that are situated in the open air.
While few have studied the effects of electroculture on frost protection, experimenters
such as Justin Christofleau claimed that tomato plants and other crops could be protected
against damage from light freezes 9 . Despite the minimal number of case studies that can
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