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Chapter 12: New Application Ideas
Electro-Horticulture follows organic practices, enabling growth-hormone based
improvements to occur biologically rather than synthetically.
By taking into account the many physiological changes that occur under stimulation, a
number of new applications for electroculture can be realized beyond simple growth
acceleration. Below are some application ideas that can provide substantial benefits to
growers who are willing to give electro-horticulture a try.
• Improving integrated pest management
• Improving pollination
• Extending cool-climate growing seasons
• Defending crops against drought
• Protecting against early frosts
• Improving grazing management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
While there aren't enough studies in this area, several people have noted that
electrically-stimulated plants tend to repel insects from harming them 1 . From aphids to
mosquitoes 2 , and parasites too, electroculture could be a healthy alternative to the use of
insecticides whenusedasapart ofanIPMplan. When yourcropisunderattack, rather than
bringing out the chemicals (which is one strategy), perhaps the crop can be put though an
electrification cycle. This idea is based on some field notes from a number of growers who
found this to be true within their grow-rooms.
from strawberries through chemicals released via stimulated gene expression 3 . Some of the
other mechanisms are as follows:
• Woundedplantscanemitavarietyofvolatileorganiccompounds (VOCs) thataffect
not only the lone plant being attacked, but surrounding plants as well.
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